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Indian MMS | mms video



First of all, we discuss what is MMS. As we earlier discussion what is MMS and what is SMS. How they formed and what is the uses of MMS and SMS service all over the world but in today's blog we discuss the impact of MMS in Indian culture and Indian society.

India is the 2nd largest populated country so the impact of MMS in India is very large.

What is MMS

MMS is the telephonic service that is used to send a multimedia message text message, video clip, photos, gifs, slideshow, etc . from one device to another device. Early sony erosion is the first phone that has an MMS facility, then, later on, it is available to all devices. Now, much other application takes place of MMS they have many advance features then MMS.

Similar application 

These applications are

  •  WhatsApp, 
  • Telegram,
  •  Facebook,
  •  hike,

But now the meaning of MMS is totally changed, any type of short video is now known as MMS. Indian MMS is not a legal word in Indian society. The mentality of Indian about MMS is any leaked video that affects anyone's life of someone's personal life. 

Indian MMS 


Indian MMS mean any photo or any type of short video clip which is taken or shoot with or wrong intention or having bad material inside it, especially shooting a video or taking a picture without permission or other person and sharing these materials to many other platforms to harsh them or to make fun of them. Women mostly suffer from this type of MMS video.

Some nonsense people make a video or take the picture and then use that image or video as a part of the fun. But This not fun for those who suffer from that practice. Sometimes there is a hidden cam in the changing room or sometimes in other places like in a hotel bedroom or guestroom, which is not easy for eyes to find. And then their private life is recorded under that cam and sometimes these go viral.

Some Real-life Example are given bellow you can check it out.

A girl goes to a changing room. She finds out hidden spy cameras are plotted to create her MMS. She immediately takes action against the same and creates an example for others. Please be aware of such videos and MMS scams. What is MMS - MMS message gets viral badly and brink defames for family. MMS student portal and MMS portal can be arranged. You can Watch the Short video by PDT Social.

more updates coming soon. stay tuned..

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