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What is MMS

What is MMS

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) In this Technology used in mobile phones, it includes sharing or receiving video clips, graphics, MMS video photos audio clips longer text or all combinations from mobile to mobile phone.
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Multimedia Messaging Service was firstly used to make functioning easy and simple to share and receive the image, audio files, and video clips. This service is firstly used in china but later on, it becomes so common all over the world. There is a rapid increase in the traffic in us Between 2010 and 2013.

We discuss about

  • What Is MMS 
  • History of MMS 
  • First Phone with MMS Feature 
  • All about MMS

History of MMS

Multimedia messaging service (MMS) was firstly discovered in 1984 as a captive technology, which helps you to share photos, small video clips, small audio clips, slideshow. It is much advance then SMS freature, which only provides 140 characters of massage at one time. 

The first phone with MMS

The first MMS capable phones were introduced in around 2002 with the first GSM network.
Sony Ericsson T68i is the first phone with an MMS feature. Mainly used in the USA nearly 2003 - 2004

Sony Ericsson T68i

MMS Diffrent from SMS

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 Bulk Massage:- In this, anyone can send Bulk message to anyone.
Worked on Any phone after 2002
Send more the 140 characters of the message
Send photos, media, Slideshow,


Single massage at one time.
Worked on any phone
Send only 140 characters
Does not share Photo, media, slideshow.

All about MMS

As you now know That MMS is started in 2002 in mobile in Sony Ericsson T68i, but at that time every phone is not capable to use MMS service. But still, they can use MMS From one side. That you can only receive the MMS message From the sander, but you can not send MMS to that sender. 

But the question is how they can receive the MMS if the device does not support the MMS Service. 
Here is the Answer. Whenever a sender send the MMS to a non-supported device, a link is created which is received by the receiver and from that link they are redirected to the webpage, and there they can check it out the MMS.

Media companies use MMS on a commercial basis for delivering news and for entertainment content, 

  • JPEG format for the image is used 
  • Maximum file size should be 420 kb
  • Dimension for images are 327 * 400 pixels
  • The subject line should be of 64 characters.
  • Additional text doest not exceed 500 words.
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