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Best USB Charger Hidden Spy Camera | DIVINEEAGLE MEE007


Best USB Charger Hidden Spy Camera | DIVINEEAGLE MEE007

DIVINEEAGLE dual USB charger spy camera 

This full 1080p high lens resolution camera records in 1920 by 1080p video resolution and is capable of recording using a motion detection setting.
The loop recording function which will record a continuous loop of video, that's 8 hours of 1080p video recording.
 DIVINEEAGLE dual USB charger spy camera

Inside the box, you'll have

    Best USB Charger Hidden Spy Camera | DIVINEEAGLE MEE007
  1. The MEE007 camera itself.
  2. A micro USB 
  3. Lightning USB cable
  4. USB cable for transferring data from the camera to the computer.
  5. Small USB memory card reader.
  6. And a small sticker that can be used as a cover for the back of the charger to hide the memory card slot and switches.
  7. A little poker that's useful for poking e tiny hole on the back panel to reset the camera 
  8. A user manual to help you work the camera.

On the back you have a switch labeled M and L when it's set for M the camera will record in motion detection mode.
If it's set to L it will record in a continuous flow. 
DIVINEEAGLE dual USB charger spy camera



  1. When you switch on it into L position it records in a loop, the red light will flash three times, here indicating that it will start recording automatically in a continuous loop.
  2. No lights will be shown during this recording and the video will be recorded as a series of three-minute video files.
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  1. When you switch it to M, your charger is now going to record motion, the blue light on the back flash three times once it's plugged into the outlet, to indicate that it's ready to record in motion detection mode.
  2. The camera will automatically record whenever the sensor detects motion in front of it, and the video will also be recorded as a series of three-minute video files.
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  • Please note that in both the L and M setting when your smart charger has reached its maximum memory capacity which is approximately 8 hours of recording on a 32 gig card, it will automatically record over the earliest video files. 
  • The smart charger only supports up to 32-gigabyte cards, and we recommend a speed class of no less than 10, for optimal functionality.


  • You'll find a small sticker in the box that can actually cover up the switch reset button and memory card slot You don't need to even pull it off to retrieve your recorded footage, you simply plug the camera into your computer via a USB cable.
  • You want to remove the protective film from the front of the lens, so your picture will look its best.
  • The camera begins recording at the moment you plug it into an outlet.

And keep in mind that it records no sound, as US law prohibits the sale of ownership and use of hidden voice recording devices.


  • Connecting the camera to the computer is as easy as it can be.
  • Once you plug the camera into your computer via the USB cable, that's included in your box, you'll receive a pop-up icon on your monitor asking you, what would you like to do with this removable disk or something similar.
  • It's sort of like when you put in a flash drive into your computer a blue light will then show up on the camera, indicating that it's now ready to transfer files.
  • You can then easily copy cut paste or even delete files or format the entire card's files completely.
  • Please note however that if the computer does not recognize the smart charger, or if the removable disk is not detected after 30 seconds please simply reconnect the device to see if your computer recognizes it on the second try or try a different USB port.

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