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Sniffing Mommy Panty

by Micky

My name is Micky and I”m 48 years old. My mom had me when she was 28 years old. My story began when I was growing up in high school I was at a party one weekend at my friend Annies house. I excused myself to go to her bathroom which was on the second floor of their house in their bathroom.

I found a book it was a called Family lovers and I scanned through it and the stories were about incest. It was a pocket book there were about half a dozen of them there and so I helped myself to one. Later that night when I got home I read the whole magazine from front to back.

I never knew about incest until that night almost 30 years ago. What really fascinated me is the stories of Mothers and Sons and I read one story of a man who got caught sniffing his mothers and sisters panties. I was very naive about sex back then but these stories made me curious about incest.

I really enjoyed the stories of young men sniffing their mother’s sisters and other female relative’s panties. The next weekend I stopped by Annie’s place to visit with her and she was home alone and I asked her if she wanted to go for coffee and she said sure and she went to grab her coat.

I asked to use her bathroom before we left and I exchanged the magazine for a different one and this time the name of this one was Real Letters from Family Lovers. I slipped this copy in my coat pocket and we went for coffee.

When I got home that night I read the whole thing in about an hour and a half almost a hundred and fifty pages. I especially started to think of the stories of guys sniffing their Mom and sisters panties. I have two older brothers and two older sisters and one younger brother.

The stories of panty sniffing made me addicted to panty sniffing. I started to watch when my Mom would go take a bath and she used to just leave all her laundry in a basket right by the toilet. I loved it right from the start and the first whiff of the panty she wore all day made my cock hard.

I sniff and taste her panty she left in the basket and they were nylon full brief panties most of hers were white and she had one black one and a couple of pink ones. My Mom was a natural beauty not one for wearing makeup. She was about 5 feet 5 inches about 150 lbs.

She wore 40C bras mostly white size 7 panties. So this story will be about my Mother and I and her name was Betsy after I discovered these magazines I looked at my mother in a whole different way.

She was beautiful fair skinned for an American Indian when I started working I stayed with my parents till I was 22 years old. I stated work a year after high school whenever I got the chance I purchased more of those magazines start to like the stories of Mom and sons.

I started spying on my Mom when we were alone. I secretly made a hole on the bathroom wall and watched her when she would go and bathe as soon as I heard the water run for her bath I sneak on over to the hole on the wall watch her while she got undressed and get in the tub.

I get hard watching pull my cock out of my pants and masturbate watching her wash herself man her boobs were nice and pink with brown nipples when they got hard they were almost about an inch long.

She was nice and soft looking when she started to wash her pussy she lay back and stick her sweet looking pussy out of the water and she had medium brown pubic hairs nice sweet looking pink pussy lips and she had rather nice plump camel toe pussy when she would wash her pussy.

She use one hand to spread her pussy lips and 3 fingers to lather soap in her sweet pink hole. I even got a peek of her sweet pink butt hole too. It had some hair around the hole man I came all over the wall and when she was done I wait till she got out of the bathroom and I say.

I was going to shower but I look for her sweet sweaty panty she just took off and today was a nice pretty pink one. It smelled with a little hint of pee and nice and musky the aroma was intoxicating I got rock hard again and I even found 3 nice pubes on the crotch.

I sniffed and licked the nice damp crotch for a couple of minutes imagining my mom’s sweet pink cunt was in my nose and on my tongue then I wrapped the sweet pink nylon silky panty around my cock and rubbed it all around my cock and balls till I came all over them. I decide to leave my cum on them.

She always left laundry in the bathroom for at least 4 days before she do the laundry. I did this till I moved out on my own when I turned 22 and found a place of my own.

Best Friends Mom videos and when I went to the big city back in 1985 I found the complete Series of Taboo on video. One weekend my Mom came over to stay for a couple of days because my dad was out of town for 3 days. I let her have my room and I showed her the bathroom.

She went to bath when she was done I went in the bathroom and found her clothes in my laundry hamper and I found a nice lacy white panty and the thing was still damp. I decide I wait till she went to bed before I do my sniff and jerk routine when she went to bed I went to watch TV.

I got brave and popped in Taboo II just when the Son was licking his mothers cunt my mom came in the living room man was I embarrassed and she caught me red handed her I was watching Taboo and I was masturbating and I had her nice lacy white panty wrapped around my cock.

I tried to cover up but it was already too late my Mom asked what in the world are you doing and is that my panty you have there?”I was at a loss for words for a minute and she asked “what is this you’re watching? I did not know what to say for awhile.

She came and sat beside me on the couch she patted my leg and said it’s okay I guess you’re a grown man what you watch is your business on the screen the mother was writhing and moaning out loud. My mom watched the video with me and asked what it was about.

I told her it was about this family where they were all sexually involved with one another. My mom said that and this was not right in god’s eyes. I felt a little ashamed but then she asked me do you have those kinds of feelings of lust for Me?

I just nodded and she continued to watch for a while and so did I and my cock was still hard my mom watched as the young man on the video was eating his mother’s cunt. She asked do they really do that. I nodded.

She said your dad never ever did that to her not once said all he would do is finger her the fuck her your father is not a real good love maker. She said he never ever licked her down there. I got up the nerve to say I love to lick her pussy if she let me.

I practically begged her to let me. I even confessed I was spying on her while she was bathing and I’ve seen her naked already and that I was sniffing and licking and jerking off with all her dirty panties. She saidI knew it was you coming all over my panties your bad.

I said I could not help myself after I read all those magazines about Mothers and sons fucking and I really wanted to make love to you like you never been made love to before after about a minute of watching more of the mother screaming with her sons tongue in her pussy she said okay but I want you to do exactly what that man is doing to his mother and I said okay

I started to undress her she had on a night gown on no bra and a beige nylon panty. I slowly started to kiss her and first her lips then her sweet boobs,I ran my hands all over her soft pink body, I caressed her nice soft tummy slowly down her sides and then down her hips to her legs. I caressed her sweet soft pink thighs very softly.

She was starting to moan then I slowly started on her sweet camel toe pussy. I ran my fingers through her pubes and along her sweet pussy lips. I rubbed the vulva for about 5 minutes then I decided it was time to taste her sweet cunt. I used both hands and spread her plump pussy it was pretty pink inside.

The aroma was making my cock very hard. I finally started to lick her cunt slowly at first all around the outside then I finally probe it with my tongue oh man was she delicious tasting salty and tart. I lick up and down the full length of her sweet pink slit by now she was writhing and grinding her pussy on my tongue.

I let my tongue tease her sweet pink clit man it was really quite a sight almost the same size as the tip of my Pinkie. I ticked and nibbled on it and even bit down on it a little she screamed and came all over my face and tongue convulsing all over the couch.

I continued to lick her cunt and even managed to get 3 fingers in that sweet pussy her cunt was dripping wet. I licked her clean until she came again. She started screaming I could not wait any longer I crawled between her legs and put them on my shoulder and slowly began fucking her sweet wet cunt.

I said oh Mom I’ve waited so long for this to happen it’s a wet dream come true. I Love you Mom I love the way you feel and taste. I rubbed her sweet ass cheeks as I fucked her faster and she was moaning loudly and really grinding her cunt hard on my cock. I managed to feel my way to her butthole and stuck a finger up there she screamed and squirted juice all over my cock.

I did not come yet so I asked her to get on her hands and knees she did and asked what are you going to do?”I just got behind her and started licking her nice round ass just the cheeks for the first couple of minutes. I plunged my tongue in her sweet pink butthole. She started to grind her ass into my face when I got it full of saliva.

I ran my cock up and down her ass crack then I plunged into her sweet asshole and she started moaning loud again man the heat was intense and it was very tight. I only lasted 5 minutes and I came in her ass when I pulled out it made a popping noise she laughed son that’s the first time in my life I’ve ever had an orgasm and I hope it’s not the last.

She laid with me on the couch and went to sleep for about a couple of hours when I woke up she had my cock in her mouth. I told her to turn around so I could lick her cunt and ass again. She did after about 20 minutes we were both coming all over each other’s tongues. I fucked both her cunt and ass again till my cock was sore.

I came in both holes and we finally cleaned each other up with wet face clothes when she was ready to go back home she gave me a plastic bag it had all the panties she use while she was her with me and she said I rubbed them all inside my cunt till I came that should hold you over till and we can get together again soon. I will tell your dad your house needs cleaning that should give us time together and so this went on about several years and till she got sick.

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