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Well i am akaash from surat i am dance choreographer since last 6 years.when i am teaching dance to girls and bhabhis i do not use to see them up then their legs as was little shy guy.well i just wann tell you that after my this first experiance i use to go navasari-valasad-bharuch-baroda-ahmedbad for having sex if i get genuin partner and i use to love mostly bhabhis or aunties as they were care for me, love me and let me love on my way and after few months i became master in this activities. i don’t want to waste your more time so turn my self towards my stories. so send me comments so that i would feel to remove time for ISS and send you my new story.please bhabhis and aunties can mail me on my ID its speacially for them that you also knows all guys.

well its not first story as you all knows in first stories all get ejeculated  i am gonna tell you my other story of one aunty but she was life bhabhi wth age of 36.her name was neeru (name changed).as i told you i use to do choreography when i think to and use to give personal coaching as i don’t had place for class.once i got a call from unknown number.


phone-hi…is this akaash choreographer

me-yes , who is this

phone-hi this is neeru from XYZ appt. we need a choreographer for our family function

me-ok mam. so when we can hv meet

phone-you just come tomorrow evening 4 pm

me- ok mam send me your adress via sms and i will be there

phone-ok sir, thank you

me-you are well come

i went that place on time. when i rang bell i found one nice lady in saree who opened door and i told her that this is akaash choreographer. let me tell you about her as i forgot to written ( she was wth 5.6 hight 36 34 38 with long hair and fair skin weared red saree ) she invite me i go inside and we set on sofa for half an hour and discuss about function.its a very natural thing that when a cheezy bread is in front of our eye even our toung will start watering and you know she was like fifty six sweet dish in front of me but as she was my clint i have to be we had no time so we started practice from very next day.

daily i use to teach some beautyful bhabhis such steps from them some became my friend and they start to call me akaash instead of using i enjoy my teaching some where i found nicely covers boobs, somwhere great surves of hips, role petals lips and sea kind of eyes but in all of them onli Neeru ji was best.

we did practice for 15 days. all bhabhis were impressed by my coaching as i use to tell all d benifite of different steps and more hw they can lost their FAT by which steps.after completing successfull programme once i got call from neerubhabhi for the pay ment. i aksed her how was report from your guest regards your performance and she replies like she was feeling amazing as all were so happy and all were commenting her like she is doing dance very nice, her expression was very nice, bla..bla..bla…and she was feeling that all credit were cause of me only so i asked her that then you have to give me special party. she agree for that and invite her place for lunch with some special marwari item she mad her self for me.

and the day come when i was hunted by that lady.actualli i never thought like that but had little doubt as she used to see me while dancing and she use to touch me while i teach dance many time she put her hand on my thighs and my back .well i reached her home she invites me and you know she beautiful goddess were in black saree which i like most.she invite me and as my habbit i went to sofa and sit there freely and playing with TV remote.she came with water and i asked hws going life. she said all is well so asked YE TO SAYAD KOI MOVIE KA NAAM HAI. she replied not that she is well so i asked where is her husband? she told she is in office as they came from bikaner they were living alone and her daughter went to school as she always comes at 6 in evening. and she came to me and seat beside me and i was stairing at her body her curves and cuts where nicely visible her clivage and well shaped lips with coloured sticks and one smell enter in ma nose don’t know which spray or perfume she used but it arroused me and was just thiking to have nice hug lip kiss and wild fun…then we went for lunch in kitchen on table.she was serving me like anything. when she use to bend i found her close to my lips not getting what to eat and what to leave i asked her to join me and she sit beside me and with her same spoon she order me for sweet without any expression i just have that spoon in my mouth and she also got green signal by this and we completed our lunch. as there was heavy food of rajsthani dal bati and all i feel sleep there and after completing her house chore work she came to me on sofa and offer me chocolate as she know i like chocolates and she also set beside me and offer me half eaten chocolate. i accep it and having that chocolate with stairing in her eye wowwwwwwwww what a game as i was eating chocolate my fingers found some chocos and reach close to her and ask her to have my finger and she accep it and start licking it..i felt that had start my journey towards heaven.i went close to her and put my lips on her lips and we started kiss wih chololates wowwwww…

i was tasting her lips with chocolate as i was experianced in all this i started to put my hand on her boobs and start pressing them gentely as she was reponcing in kissing slowly i enter my toung inside her lips and met her toung and we started to share our saliva with choco smooch…wowwwwwwwwwwww her boobs became hard and she started breathing heavily and directly she youch my penis. and started rubbing it on my jeans i hope she was loosing control and ask me to lets go in my bed room. as we went to her bed room when bed was nicely prepared. and she told me to be in bed she is coming by pee. i was waiting for her on bed for 5 minute and then she came to me and reach my ear and told me that I WANT TO EAT YOU….i replied I WANT TO BE EATEN BY YOU by my this answer she got courage and we both became mad and removing clothes of each other. i removed her saree and she removed my shirt. i told her to lie on bed she lie and i remove her peticot now she was in bra panty and blouse. i start to play with her finger of legs take them in ma mouth ans start sucking them and bitting them when i feel to bite she snatched my hair and invite me to have her pussy which was cleanly shaved i remove her panty with my teeth and became mad to have her RICH ALMOND…as i lock my lips with her lpwer lips she was playing with my hair and i locked it till 5 minute and she got chocolate syrup and apply there and told me to have it now as i have kept my mouth to her pussy her both of legs were at my shoulder and i was sucking it lik



she started moaning…come on akaashhhhhhhhhhhh




wowwwwwwwwww even i became wild and did bite there…on d top of her pussy and it became red sign..

acutualy as i think kiss or bite o lick at left and right line of the pussy would be more effected cause as i bite there she slaped me on my hair and moanning lik any thing…as and it piched i stop biting and start licking…

with licking i tore her blouse and bra and pressing her boobs which were realli made for me only..and she snatch my hair and invite me on her with heavily breathing and told me in ear YOU ARE AMAZE IN LICKING DON’T NEED MORE and asked SURE..???? and she was stairing me naughtily and told me come my BABE i am yours and we adjust our self in normal possition she broad her legs and invite me and with no second i enter my tool and she moan aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww akaaash

do it more

i started in n outttt

innnnnnnnn outtttttttttt

wowwwwwwwwww aahahhhh com on akaash


wowwwwww bhabhiji u r so hot from inside also


guys bhabhis and aunties if you know a lady need to rubb her inside wall wth any thing if she went to more exited so she stops me and put her one leg on my shoulder and ask me to continue you can feel bhabhiji when my touch of tool reach to her wall she was wildly moaning and forcing me to do it more and more i did and then she was thinking to ride me and tell me to lie on bed i did as she said and she came on me…like WILD CAT who is HUNGRY since so many birth ans sit on my tool and started junping as i was enough capable cause of athletic structure i was giving her reverse strocks and she was enjoying n jumping like crazy soul of sex….with using of slap in her thighs and hips i was diveriting her mind so tha she can enjoy few minuts more and as we both were ready to come i sit on my hips and she was still on my tool and huggg me tightly and eating my ears i was just strocking and jerking to let her feel more and more good and we both ejeculated in few seconds and stayed in that possition for 2 minute and got relax then we show in each other’s eye which were full of happiness and lust then went bathroom together where we had bath in shower and had little more fun with washing each others body and came out of bathroom and as mi like i helped her in wearing her bra and panty while i was let wear her panty i bite her hips n it was for 1 and half minute….she was slapping but was not leaving as was not wanting to leave that chance.then we wear clothes and open her cupboard and give me money.hey guys don’t go wrong that money was of my choreography and we left with nice lip kiss.

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