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Didi Ki Chudai In Banglore

Hi to all and this is my first story in ISS and I hope you all like it. My name is Deepak and I’m 23 with a well built athletic physique. My sis Deepika is 26 years old. Deepika is an IT engineer and lives in Bangalore where she works for a MNC. Me too I’m an engineering student. First let me tell u all about Deepika. She is 5’2″ with a very healthy physique and her vitals are 34-30-34. She is extremely fair and sexy.

I fall in love with my sister since I was in class 10 and also most of my friends like her and my their looks at my didi whenever they come to our house I can easily say they fuck her in their minds. However it’s not only them even I want to fuck her but never got the guts to do it. So last summer I had to go to Bangalore for my summer training. My sister Deepika stays in a small flat with only one bedroom and a kitchen and attached toilet in kormangala.

Also there’s no bed actually so she has a mattress on floor and sleeps there as most of the bachelors do in Bangalore. So while I was going to Bangalore in train I made up my mind to express my feelings to her no matter what and was very determined to fuck her. I reached Bangalore station and my sister was there to pick me up. She was wearing a tight semi formal shirt which has raised her bosoms very well and perky nipples.

Also a black tight jean which has lifted her ass which anyone would like to ram on station itself. She guided me to the taxi stand and on the way I can see many guys staring at her boobs and ass. We took a taxi and reached our flat at around 2 o’clock. We took light lunch and I told Deepika that I’ll like to take a nap as I was very tired but actually I was not sleeping all I was doing was garnering my courage to ask her to fuck me when I got up it was already 6:30 evening.

I gathered myself all and thought that it’s the time to confess all of my desire to her and as I was making moves at the same time I was very worried like what if she says no and then tells it to parents but without much digging I called didi as she was in kitchen preparing dinner.

Me: didi kya kar rahi ho?

Didi: kuch nahi dinner bana rahi hu. Kyun kya hua? Chai peena hai kya?

Me: mujhe kuch kehna hai then Deepika comes out of kitchen.

Didi: kya?

Me: please sit it’s something important look didi I don’t know whether it’s right or wrong but if u doesn’t like whatever I’m going to say then please forget it like a bad dream.

Didi: aisi kyt baat hai? I went very numb deep inside and didn’t knew what to say

Me: didi I love you and I want to fuck you

To my surprise she was not angry on hearing that but a little shy.

Didi: Deepak hum dono didi-bhai hai ye possible nahi.

Me: haan magar if you agree we can tell to no one and keep relationship beyond brother sister.

Didi: since you confessed your feelings I want to confess mine too.

Me: woh kya didi?

Didi: actually I always wanted to get fucked by you but I was also very afraid to tell it. Deepika didi’s words hit my ears as a shock as well as a best surprise ever.

So I moved closer to her and we were sitting on the mattress on floor. She was wearing a short and a t-shirt. I moved closer and asked her.

Me: agar aisa hai to kya main aapko aajse deepika didi ke badle deepika kah sakta

Didi: haa bilkul mere sapno ke raajkumar her words aroused me. I wanted to fuck her brutally which I have done many times in my fantasies. So I took her body in my hands with surprise and lay her down on bed and started smooching her and but wait I still had one important thing to ask her

Me: Deepika kya tum virgin ho?

Deepika: nahi I was shocked to hear that. I thought Deepika to be a very innocent girl.

Me: kisne choda hai tumhe? and I was expecting that she will say her boyfriend but

Deepika: ladko ne

Me: kya matlab ladko ne do you mean that you fuck around?

Deepika: Deepak I won’t lie to you. I have been fucked around 7 times till now. I have a boyfriend who has fucked me 3 times apart from that I laid my pussy for 2 of my best friends.

It was hard to grasp and she was not a virgin meanwhile I already cupped her boobs over her t-shirt her boobs were big enough not to fit in my hands and were becoming hard. Her pink nipples were getting perky and very inviting and she was also trying to touch my cock which was already rock-hard by now then she stopped me and said that I have to use protection. That means I have to go out to buy a condom. That was not a problem as there was a medic store nearby our flat.

I got up and splashed some water on my face and took some 50 rupees which Deepika was watching. Deepika said 50 rupees won’t be enough buy at least around five packets. I was speechless 5 packets each packet contains 12 condoms that means 60 condoms with a smile she added we will do it whole night and tomorrow. I said Deepika teri aaj aise choodunga ki hamesha yaad rekhegi with that I went out to buy condoms rest of the story continues in next part where I fuck her

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